What others are saying

"Voice lessons are important to any serious singer's growth as a musician, and Kenneth Bryson is THE person to go to. Ken's lessons are completely centered around your personal journey and "finding what makes you tick," as he says. Additionally, Ken stresses the importance of healthy and technically proper singing. I look forward to my lessons with Ken because I learn something new about singing and myself as a person every time.

 I am preparing to go to college in the fall to study Music Education. This required auditions and applications that I firmly believe I would not have been prepared for without Ken’s help. He was invaluable in every aspect of the complicated and overwhelming process, from choosing my audition repertoire to helping to organize and create my pre-screening recordings. He also discussed which colleges would be a good fit for my aspirations and abilities, in general. I am accepted into my top choice school and have never been more thrilled to continue to study music after what I have learned from studying with Ken. I would not be going to college for music without Ken's expertise and guidance." - Sam. C, Frost School of Music, University of Miami


"Ken Bryson has truly reshaped my voice in amazing ways.  His knowledge of the voice is unparalleled by that of many voice teachers and his approach fosters healthy and positive singing practice.  Ken’s teaching has not only helped me get in to one of the best music schools in the country, but it has more importantly given me the skills and confidence I need to be the music educator and singer I am today." - Billy H., Indiana University The Jacobs School of Music & Manhattan School of Music


"Ken Bryson has been a most positive influence on me during the past four years of our work together. He is a fantastic teacher and I have learned so much about proper vocal technique and musical interpretation. More importantly, Ken has affirmed and shares my love of music and voice. He has supported me in all of my artistic endeavors and from his lessons I have become more confident, not only as a student of musical theatre and vocal performance, but also as a person. I am grateful for all that he has taught me and consider him a teacher who I will continue to seek out even as I enter college and most probably throughout my professional career."  - Nick S., The Boston Conservatory, Musical Theatre Class of 2016


"After three years of working with Ken, I cannot believe how much progress I have made. He is incredibly understanding, easy to work with, and great at explaining things in ways that are easy to understand. Because of him, my range has increased and I feel that I have a healthy, practical, and versatile technique to help me move forward with music in the future. Ken always knows how to bring out the best of my voice, and has brought so much confidence and positivity into my life as a whole. I recommend him to everyone! - Jillian M., Muhlenberg College Class of 2016


"Ken goes beyond what one would expect to find in a vocal teacher, reaching out to me outside of my time in the studio and creating a unique relationship with me. As a result, over that past four years, I have seen a marked difference in my technique and especially my confidence as both a choral and solo performer. Ken has created a professional, yet fun and relaxed environment for me that I will surely miss, but truly appreciate for many years to come." - Alex W., Northwestern University, Engineering and Vocal Music Class of 2017


"I have worked with Ken for seven years and hope for our work to continue for many more.  Ken not only inspires me as a singer, but also as a person.  Alongside teaching me everything I know about singing, he has taught me how to use my voice to guide me through various struggles and successes in life." - Alexis C., Syracuse University Class of 2017


"Ken is not only brilliant with his knowledge of music, but also is an incredible teacher in the way he clearly cares about his students and wants them to always do well.  I can honestly say he has made me a much stronger, more confident singer.  It would be a huge mistake for anyone to not accept the opportunity to work with Ken." - Megan M., Chatham High 2013, NJ All State Choir


"My son has been studying with Ken for the past year.  Ken has been instrumental in helping him maximize his singing potential.  Under Ken's guidance my son earned top seating honors in the NJ County, Regional, and All-State Choirs.  Ken has also gone above and beyond by offering to aid in our college selection process." - Beverly S. - Denville, NJ


“In every respect, Ken was born to share his gifts. As a teacher, he is perceptive, articulate, and honest; as a person, he is kind and understanding. He has the singular ability to release something beautiful through his patience and clarity of teaching. Ken is easy to work with and creates a warm environment in his studio. Above all, Ken remains strikingly humble and caring while producing consistently impressive results.” - Ellen F., Soprano


"What Ken has done for my voice in two and a half years of lessons is amazing. Not only have my range and the quality of my voice increased dramatically, but my ability to hear and reproduce notes has also improved greatly. Ken has an uncanny ability to analyze my voice and convey exactly how I need to sing to sound the best I can. Under his guidance I have gone from being embarrassed of my voice to joining the premier a cappella group at my college. But more important than his ability to transform my voice are his humility, patience, and kindness. Ken is both a great teacher and a great friend." - Claeson D., Baritone, Hamilton College


“The teacher who shapes you as a person, actor and singer, Ken helped me grow more in one year than I ever imagined possible in my life. Through personalized warm-ups and repertoire, I never had to wait for him to figure out the direction I should move in as an artist. Ken is the best decision I have ever made. I feel lucky to have been shaped, molded and guided by such a talented and understanding man who was always willing to listen to me. His experience-based vocal coachings have given me hope for a bright and successful future in whatever direction my life leads both as an artist and as a person." - Kayla J., Mezzo, UNC at Greensboro