Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is continuously evolving. As I reflect on my beliefs regarding both the teaching and learning processes, I find that my mission as an educator comprises four main objectives:

  • To provide a healthy and sustainable vocal technique;
  • To lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning;
  • To spark student enthusiasm for learning;
  • To maintain a positive learning atmosphere.

To accomplish these goals, I apply a wide variety of strategies, best summarized as “3 Ps”:

  • Physiological (providing students with the knowledge of how their instruments work and what their bodies are doing as they sing),
  • Psychological (figuring out what makes each student tick and what approaches will best work for him or her), 
  • Performance (assessing one's own performance, as well as observing and evaluating colleagues' presentations).

While I realize that each young artist’s potential is different, I encourage all of my students to want the best and to realize that their only limitations are the ones they set. I consider it my duty to help them achieve their goals, to support that I teach solid healthy vocal technique, rather than a few quick fixes that will help with one song. I also make an effort to stay up-to-date on news and events in the field. I continue to further my own education and maintain an active performing schedule in conjunction with my teaching. I believe this work makes me a better educator—one who remains profoundly committed to his professional mission.